Get Your EV Grin ;) Here
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We can convert a car to electric for you or help you do it yourself.  You choose which will give you the biggest grin, and when it's done you'll drive it around.

"Whether your interest is energy independence, going fast quietly, or ultimate greenness, you're just about guaranteed to get the ‘EV grin’ when you drive an EV” * – Source the Internet's oldest and most comprehensive resource supporting EV hobbyists.


The choice is yours.  Go green and enjoy the wonders of pure electric power, or continue using yesterday's technology.  The choiceis clear.

Please see our "Resources" section to help you answer some of your questions.  The Electric Vehicle Coloring book can be found there as well.

If you are considering having a vehicle converted to electricity, please contact us.

See a recently converted Mazda RX7.

See what other types of EV’s are possible at